Britain's Favourite Crisps: Ben Ofoedu, Vanessa Feltz, Basil Brush by Rowan Tallant

MMR #15: Britain’s Favourite Crisps – Wotsit all about?

Podcast: The celebs are back on Channel 5 with Britain’s Favourite Crisps, in the series that’s turned into a cult. Dom Joly, Vanessa Feltz, Basil Brush and all that lot, holed up in the studio, chewing fatty snacks. What new insight and public outrage will they provoke? And will it be more controversial than Britain’s Favourite Sweets? A tough ask. Robin Gibson and Sean Gollogly crunch the numbers. Contains salt and vinegar.

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Illustration: Basil Brush with Vanessa and Ben by Rowan Tallant

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