What is MMR?

Welcome to Modern Media Review. We’ll review anything (except records). We’ll do it on a pretty regular podcast and we’ll do it on the page too – always with enthusiasm, never with cynicism.

“Wagner’s music is better than it sounds.” Who knows who said that? A lot of people think it was Mark Twain, but he attributed it to Bill Nye. Although not very forcefully. It doesn’t matter. Whoever it was, it is the perfect review. 

We won’t live up to that. No one could. But we’ll try to keep it clear. The traffic lights won’t help that much, but there you are. Okay, carry on. See above, or below.

Self-criticism policy: seeing as we might occasionally be critical, we will seek to practise self-criticism.

“Dust will accumulate if a room is not cleaned regularly, our faces will get dirty if they are not washed regularly. Our minds and our work may also collect dust, and also need sweeping and washing.” Who knows who said that? Anyway, it makes sense.

But it’s purely voluntary. Mandatory self-criticism as part of rehabilitation or prior to execution is out.


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