Modern Media Review Lockdown Telly Robin Gibson Sean Gollogly

MMR #54: Lockdown telly therapy – Top 5

Podcast: We watch so you don’t have to – just listen! Sean Gollogly and Robin Gibson struggle through the quiz shows, The Serpent, Dancing On Ice, Susan Calman In Wales, WWII From Above and, best of all, Class Action Park. Also: Glenn Hoddle on lemmings and an all-new Only Connect question. Contains laudanum.

Below: Ma Kelly’s Telly, from Sparky comic, from some other time in some other world

Illustration by Rowan Tallant

The essentials from Modern Media Review …

MMR #53: Our tiers go to 11

MMR #52: Sad, mad, bad – the Xmas TV ads

MMR #51: Keep warm this winter – make trouble! Or hibernate

MMR #50:  National Album Day and Radio 2 

MMR #49: Breaking the law!

MMR #48: Get back to work! Get back to school!

MMR #47: Check your change, wash and go! Brexit’s back

MMR #46: Enjoy summer safely – where possible

MMR #45: We’re coming out. Of lockdown.

MMR #44: Lockdown style – top hats, slippers and Buckfast BBQ sauce

MMR #43: American Zoombomb

MMR #42: Control the virus – use the remote

MMR #41: The Coronavirus wallpaper

MMR #40: Coronavirus media magic

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