Alan Turing by Rowan Tallant

MMR #9: Icons, Turing, Bowie and Bandersnatch

Podcast: According to the public and BBC Two, Alan Turing is the greatest dude of the 20th century. Fair enough, you might say. But what about Mandela, Bob Nudd, Homer Simpson and Michael Jackson? Or some women? Robin Gibson and Sean Gollogly lament the all-male Icons final, and search for alternative endings. Like in Bandersnatch. Contains greatness.

Illustration: Alan Turing by Rowan Tallant

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  1. thing is about Turing, he did a lot of shit that had nothing to do with the war. he had a really important contribution to the history of mathematical logic. People say he invented the computer, but the concepts he developed were way beyond the computer and added to the debate about determinism and whether Mathematics would exist even in the absence of a Universe. crazy shit I know, turns out it’s really what he did.
    Only here for the cartoons.
    Gallium by the way.


  2. Thanks for the pointers. We’ve obviously just merely skimmed his impressive hairline. Struggling with the absence of a universe stuff but there you are, I always will. Gallium’s okay by me. Soft but silvery


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